counterbalance between tradition and innovation

The Dayview Window Company has a long history spanning over 6 decades and has witnessed significant changes in window design and technology. Dayview have not just followed trends, they have, since infancy been trendsetters, determining the future of window manufacture and design across the country.

This benchmark for innovation began in 1957 with the advent of the first sashless windows brought out from America and their introduction into the Australian market.
Changing ownership to a new generation of window craftsman, Craig Dicker has managed and owned Dayview for the past 22 years. He believes in making windows to last, coming from his attention to detail and craftsmanship that ensures every Dayview window meets the highest of quality standards.

Dayview look to their roots for careful and strategic innovations that are only introduced to the market after through testing and analysis. From the success of the first release of sashless windows over 60 years ago, Dayview pride themselves on quality products that are built to withstand another generation of craftsman.

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