Horizontal Sashless Double Glazed

Dayview offer a large range of configurations on sashless windows, including numerous horizontal configurations with 2, 3 or 4 panes including multi-pane options.

Used for kitchen benches, bathroom highlight windows, in bedrooms, lounges, restaurants and schools, our horizontal sashless windows are purpose built to your specifications, and available in aluminium tracks.

The 2 pane independent sliding system allows easy opening. Like the vertical sashless windows, double glazing suits conditions where high energy efficiency ratings are required. This system has a 24mm D.G.V. for superior thermal performance and all types of glass can be used to reach the highest energy rating. Designed with the smallest framing possible while still reaching a 400 PA Water Rating.

Flyscreens are offered on most configurations.

Suitable for many glass combinations.

  • 4 glass / 16 air (argon) / 4 glass
  • 4 glass / 14 air (argon) / 6 glass
  • 5 glass / 14 air (argon) / 5 glass
  • 6 glass / 12 air (argon) / 6 glass

Various configurations are available:

  • Up to 5500mm wide
  • 250mm to 1700mm high

Comes Standard with:

  • Lock
  • Aluminum tracks
  • Optional Flyscreen
  • Powder Coating or Anodising


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